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Bea is a Healer, Shamanic Practitioner and an Transformational Coach, based in Melbourne. Bea is a force of change and transformation. She is devoted to healing and shamanic arts, helping people alchemise resistance into power and clarity. Bea is a deeply feeling and an intuitive human. Over the years she has owned and embraced the intensity of her wild nature. She is dedicated to the path of emotional self mastery. Feeling is her religion and emotional expression is her prayer. As a facilitator and shamanic practitioner, Bea has DEEP INITIATION embedded in her energetic make up. People are often drawn to work with her when they are ready to step it up and transition into a new phase of their life or business. When you enter her field you will feel the ripples of her energy influencing yours immediately. She will activate you into whatever is ready to be felt and transmuted for you and through you. Bea’s transmission is that of full permission to express your emotional nature and learn from what the feeling body communicates to you daily. She is passionate about teaching people how to connect with and use the power of their emotional expression. You can experience her medicine during her Emotional Clarity Sessions during which she will quickly bring you into your emotional body and help you release any blocks that are stopping you from feeling clear and aligned. Bea has worked as a transformational photographer for years. She seamlessly combines energy healing, emotional clearing and embodiment with photography. She is currently offering her signature Be Seen Rituals to the members of WILDGRACE community. These rituals are a unique blend of shamanic healing arts and photography. Bea is also a Certified Spiral Practitioner and an avid student of Embodied Astrology (Therapeutic approach to Astrology and The Medicine Wheel).

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