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Dannii is an Expression & Vulnerability Coach & Intuitive. Holding her Bachelor of Health Science in Psychology and trained in emotional & energetic clearing, she now marries science with energetics to support epic healing and change for her clients. Coupled with multiple lived experiences of releasing chronic pain & disease from her own body, Dannii is a Holistic Health Advocate & seer of disconnection in the emotional body and how this relates to physical health & thriving. She brings deep heart presence, non-judgement and openness allowing people to feel fully seen & heard, often for the first time. She pierces hearts with gentle truth and a commitment to not let you hide from your vulnerability (and hence healing), allowing loving insight to permeate what was once emotional walls, blockages and hardness. Deeply driven by a desire for connection on all levels - to our heart, body, emotions & feeling, purpose, higher source & universe - she relentlessly seeks to facilitate this for herself and her clients. Dannii’s life mission is to take people from wearing masks, shaming & numbing their sensitivity & emotions to courageously speaking up, being seen and heard & unashamedly expressing themselves in the world. Her passion is to teach people how to connect to their body & emotions, speak from their heart, and experience epic love & relationships from this place. She’s passionate about witnessing people experience the power of their softness & sensitivity & the impact of allowing their emotions & vulnerability to be seen.

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