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Eva Sumpter is a Feminine Healing Guide, Embodiment Coach, Intuitive Energy Healer & Apprentice of The WILDGRACE Movement. Eva is deeply sensitive and intuitive, with a natural ability to tune into what is present for you on an emotional and energetic level. She holds unwavering presence, and makes you feel safe with her warm calming energy. She gives you permission to be you, in all your humanness, with her greatest transmission being unconditional love. She is the walking embodiment of sensuality, soulful relating, and authentic raw expression. With womb wisdom beyond her years and heart energy that is boundless. A lioness when it comes to her service to love and truth. Eva suffered from mental health issues for over a decade, and was so far disconnected from herself and her feeling body, until she had enough of living a life that consisted of “getting by” and turned to alternative healing. She became fascinated with understanding the human mind and body, and healed herself of her mental health struggles naturally, and started to get to know who she was underneath the patterns and conditioning. Which led her on a path to finding her greatest love - herself. Her intuitive abilities and sensitivity to energy shined as she stepped into facilitating sister circles and offering intuitive healing sessions. And through her learnings (remembering) of sacred sexuality and tantric arts, her heart was captured and her passion was ignited for teaching the taboo in transformational workshops. With a fire in her soul for speaking on all things body confidence, sensuality, sensual & sexual healing, self pleasure and menstrual cycle awareness. Eva is passionate about guiding women back home to themselves. Showing you that you are your greatest teacher, greatest healer and greatest lover.

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